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An idea planted by ego for ego is dangerous and toxic, it will convince you into thinking you’re right. And every other aspect of it will be understood as threat, as act of enemy. Once it’s understood that way it will surly manifest in those same manners. And it will be real as concrete you walk on. Why? Because what you perceive to be creates your reality. I will have mine. And she or he will probably have some other version of reality. Each and every of them completely unique and equal. There’s no objectivity here, every split second you spend aware is completely subjective moment. Because since you were born you started collecting data from different books, movies, situations and choices of course. And as you cope with new situations your reactions are based completely on what you already have, meaning you build reality from scratch and your complete experience of life could be immensely different from mine without anybody ever knowing that. Maybe we don’t even see the same colors in same things. Again, you couldn’t know.

So how do we decide who is right and who i s not, who’s reality is more real. Well we don’t. You’ll just have to decide weather you want to share somebody’s viewpoint. But do it with open mind, it’s like parachute it only works when it’s opened. Because if You decide to say ‘Okay I care enough to understand you’ you won’t make your reality any less important,but you’re working towards blend of those two. Giving a life to new reality, and if that processes continues, it will create unity.